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At Tioga Dental & Orthodontics, we recognize the link between good oral health and overall health. Research has shown that periodontal disease is linked to serious medical issues, such as diabetes, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. Since misaligned teeth increase the odds of developing dental caries and gum disease while also making it uncomfortable to chew and talk, our doctors highly recommend that our patients undergo an evaluation for braces several times throughout childhood. Our Gainesville orthodontist encourages adults who have previously been diagnosed with the need to obtain dental braces to consider Invisalign as an option. Your teeth and our skills for a perfect smile!

When should your children get their first orthodontic check-up?

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, all children should see an orthodontist by the age of seven. Problems involving the alignment of the teeth are easiest to correct at an early age when the teeth are still emerging, and most orthodontic issues are addressed between the ages of nine and fourteen while the jaws are still developing. An early diagnosis makes it possible to monitor problematic issues and might possibly speed up successful results when orthodontic treatment is recommended by a Gainesville orthodontist.

Can adults benefit from orthodontic treatments?

Achieving good oral health is an all-inclusive strategy embracing everything from good brushing habits to annual x-rays to tooth restorations to functional bites. Therefore, even adults can benefit from our Gainesville orthodontics treatments, which are designed to improve tooth alignment in order to minimize the risk of decay, wear-and-tear on the teeth, and difficulty chewing or speaking.

Modern orthodontics in Gainesville, as well as everywhere else in the world, offer a more comfortable and less noticeable option that easily fits into any adult’s lifestyle. In fact, existing studies show that at least 20% of all patients undergoing braces treatment today are adults.

Why should I take on the expense of orthodontic treatment?

Whether the braces are for you or for your child, the cost can make you think twice about taking on this financial burden. Once you realize the importance of having properly aligned teeth, it is easier to see how much sense it makes to get dental braces not only for the beauty of your smile but also for your oral health. A functional bite makes it easy to eat and speak, and it is just as important for an adult as it is for a teenager.

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