Emergency Care

Most orthodontic emergencies are easily treated at home until the patient can get into the office. If you do experience a situation that requires immediate help, please contact Dr. VonMoss or her staff right away. Otherwise, the following tips might be helpful in resolving the problem temporarily until you can attend your next appointment.

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Helpful Tips

These following tips can be used to remedy minor problems with your braces, aligners, or retainers until your next appointment:

  • You can cover irritating wires with orthodontic wax.
  • You can pull broken wires out temporarily until you can visit our office to have it replaced or adjusted.
  • Rinse with warm salt water to alleviate soreness.

If a more serious issue occurs, follow these suggestions:

  • If a fixed appliance breaks, schedule an appointment as soon as possible for repair or replacement.
  • If your retainer cracks, schedule an appointment as soon as you can for a replacement.
  • If your headgear, removable appliance, or facebow isn’t fitting well, stop wearing it until you can arrange to have it properly adjusted in our Gainesville orthodontics office.