Invisalign FAQ’s

Invisalign FAQs

Invisalign has risen in popularity over the years for teens and adults because of the following advantages of choosing this style of orthodontic treatment over metal braces:

  • Appearance – The nearly invisible appearance of the aligners is one of the most popular reasons people have for choosing this form of orthodontics in Gainesville. No one knows you have them on, so your self-confidence remains intact.
  • Comfort – Unlike traditional braces, this treatment avoids the discomfort created by metal wires and brackets. The plastic is soft, so your gums and inner cheeks do not experience the accidental bleeding or pinching dental braces can cause.
  • Flexibility – You can remove your aligners when you eat, drink, floss, and brush your teeth, so you don’t need to worry about getting food trapped in them.
  • No change in diet – Since you can remove your aligners, you do not have to eliminate sticky foods from your diet.
  • Ease of cleaning – Simply take out your aligners and use toothpaste and warm water to clean them.
  • Clean teeth and fresh breath – You can brush and floss easily, helping to keep your teeth strong and your breath pleasant.
  • Shorter appointments – Each aligner is pre-made specifically to fit your mouth, so your dental visits are brief.
  • Virtual results – Prior to starting your treatment, you can view virtual images depicting exactly how your teeth are going to look when you are finished.

Once you decide to obtain Invisalign in Gainesville, your doctor arranges to have a series of aligners custom-made to fit the existing arrangement of your teeth. Each one is slightly different than the aligner before it, setting the stage for your teeth to begin gradually shifting into their desired placement according to your treatment plan. The aligners are made through the use of 3-D computer imaging, and their specifications are mapped out according to your orthodontist’s recommendations. Most dental patients use between eighteen and thirty aligners, depending on the severity of their misalignment.

The aligners are designed to be worn throughout the day and night. Dental patients can remove their aligners to eat, drink, floss, and brush their teeth. Ideally, the aligners should be worn between twenty and twenty-two hours each day.

Ideally, straightening your teeth using this method takes between twelve and eighteen months. However, a number of factors affect this timeframe, including:

  • The patient’s dedication to wearing the aligners for the full twenty to twenty-two hours a day
  • Whether or not the patient attends each appointment as scheduled
  • How severe the misalignment is
  • Unexpected allergic reactions to the materials used in making the aligners
  • The development of gum disease

USP Class VI medical-grade, high molecular weight, polyurethane resins are used in the making of the aligners and retainers for Invisalign patients. This thermoplastic material is nearly invisible, so most people cannot tell you are wearing the aligners. Each aligner is custom-made for the patient.

Keeping your aligners clean and free from bacteria can prevent unnecessary discomfort and infection. Therefore, it is an important part of your treatment. You can use toothpaste and warm water to clean your aligners, or you can purchase the Invisalign Cleaning System to do so.

Since BPA (Bisphenol-A) has been linked to cancer and other diseases, this substance has not been used in the manufacture of Invisalign aligners. The retainer you must wear once your treatment is completed does not contain BPA either.

Invisalign is designed for patients who have lost their baby teeth. Therefore, it is not available for young children as a method of realigning teeth. However, teenagers with partially or fully erupted second molars can undergo this method to straighten teeth.

Some dental patients take a few hours or even days to become used to wearing their aligners. Few, if any of these individuals experience pain. Unfortunately, some of these individuals go through this process each time they receive a new set of aligners to wear.

It is necessary for you to wear the Vivera Retainer at night in order to prevent your teeth from shifting out of place. This type of retainer is crafted from clear plastic.

Several factors determine whether or not you can use this method of straightening your teeth when you have bridges, crowns, veneers, or implants. Consult your dentist to learn more about any challenges posed by the presence of dental restorations.

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