Treatment Options

Orthodontists in Gainesville, FL, have access to a variety of appliances designed to shift teeth and align jaws while correcting most types of orthodontic problems. In order to select the appropriate type of appliance and create a customized approach for each patient, Dr. VonMoss completes the following steps:

  • Analyzes the mouth and jaws
  • Formulates an individualized treatment plan
  • Sets realistic goals
  • Recommends strategies for achieving those goals

Her recommendations include:

  • The type of appliance needed to achieve the anticipated result
  • Tips on caring properly for your appliance, teeth and gums
  • Frequency of visits to your orthodontist in Gainesville
  • Frequency of visits to your family dentist for professional check-ups and cleanings

Here is a look at the three most commonly used dental appliances:

Traditional dental braces are made from metal wires and brackets. Modern braces are manufactured from tooth-colored ceramic. Both styles are attached to your teeth using brackets and bands. Some styles are fitted to the front of the teeth, while others are designed to fit behind the teeth. Your braces are adjusted periodically by your Gainesville orthodontist to gradually shift your teeth into position.

Aligners are customized to fit your teeth and are made from clear plastic or acrylic. They are worn throughout your orthodontic treatment and are responsible for shifting your teeth into the prescribed positioning. Since aligners are removable, you can eat, drink, and care for your teeth without wearing them.

Retainers maintain the position of your teeth once your orthodontic treatment is completed. Removable styles are worn during sleep and are usually made from clear plastic or metal and wires. Permanent retainers are bonded directly to the back of your teeth and are made from wires.